Give your hair a new life by choosing shades of red hair

Humans are the wonderful creatures of god they have different organs in their body which cannot be compared with other creatures, the very different part present in their body is hair. We all love our hair and treat it different comparing to other parts. Hair is made of dead cells so every day the hair grows for about 0.1 cm this growth takes place even after our death. Our head has important organ called brain and it is considered as the control system of our body so to protect it god has covered the brain with skull made of bones and additional he had given us the muscular area and hair. The hair protects our brain when we fall down and it also has many benefits for man. one must know to protect their hair from all seasons because it is very delicate part of our body even a harsh sunrays can spoil it so wherever we go we should cover the hair with a scarf so that we can protect it from seasonal changes. Many people in the world are facing baldness because of heredity, lack of maintenance, lack of nutrition etc. our hair needs perfect nutrition from our body the iron we consume will help our hair to grow and make it healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables will add shine to our hair and supply lot of vitamins to our hair. Today we have many spas and parlour where they give excellent service for our hair; their head massage will help in the growth of our hair. The hair colours they use gives a trendy look to our hair, the shades of red hair will add beauty to our hair and make it shiny and easy to manage.


How to protect our hair?

Our hair grows with the help of hair follicles and that follicles will develop from the scalp if our scalp is clean and tidy then it may develop many hairs and give us a rich look. dandruff is the enemy of our hair growth if our scalp develops it then the whitish layer will formed in our scalp and that layer produces a scaly white powder which clog in the scalp and stop hair growth in that particular area. To avoid such condition one should wash our hair with a mild shampoo once in two days; people who exercise daily have to wash their hair everyday because the stagnant sweat will help in growth of dandruff.

Why we should colour our hair?

When we become older our hair changes its colour to grey and that grey hair will be present in some region and rest of the hair will be black or brown so to avoid such an uneven look we can colour it. The colouring will give our hair a trendy and a beautiful look even youngster who wants to look different chooses colours to their hair. In all the colours red is comparatively beautiful a shades of red hair will suit all type of people and make our hair to look gorgeous.